Top 10 Tips To Stop Acne Before It Starts

What Is the Best Cure for Acne?

Like many other things in life, prevention is the best cure. Acne is no different. Your goal should at least be to minimize the risk of it even starting.

While some skin types seem to be more susceptible to promoting acne, following certain acne prevention steps developed over years of research and observation will give yourself a fighting chance at maintaining a clear complexion.

Top 10 Easy Tips To Stop Acne Before It Starts

Being Clean-Obsessed Isn’t the Best

Persons afflicted with acne may be tempted to wash their face more often than usual. Don’t fall into this trap. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say, but it’s possible – especially when you’re agonizing over a severe case of acne – to over do it. The fact is, acne is not caused by dirt, although dirt can play a major role in infecting open acne sores. It helps to keep this subtle difference in mind. By washing your face too frequently, you tend to make matters worse as your skin becomes inflamed. Also, as the skin tries to protect itself, oil production is further stimulated.

Choose only the mildest facial products you can find. Harsh scrubs and astringents only irritate your face, leaving your skin vulnerable to more pain and increased risk of further infection. Some of the harshest products are alcohol based toners. You should avoid these at all costs. Initially your skin may feel fresh and rejuvenated but the truth is, these products can have long-term devastating effects.

Sandpaper to Remove Acne? NOT!

Skin exfoliation is a good idea, but the key is to remember to be gentle. You’ll know if your scrub is too harsh if it feels like someone is taking sandpaper to your face. That’s a definite no-no! The purpose of an exfoliator is to remove the buildup of old, dead skin cells from forming on the surface. Using a mild astringent and a clean face cloth can do the job better than any harsh, abrasive scrub.

As a bit of a surprise, you’ll want to avoid steam rooms and saunas. The idea is to stay cool. The reason for this is that when people sweat, they have a tendency to constantly wipe that sweat away. It is this habit of wiping that can block pores which then accelerates the appearance of pimples and blackheads. If and when you sweat, always blot with a clean tissue or towel. Also, be sure to wash after you exercise to remove the pore blocking blend of sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells released through friction.

Time for a Quick Change

Another good habit to get into is to change your pillow case each night. Not only will the clean linen do wonders for your complexion, it will also feel so good. Give yourself the 5-star hotel treatment and see how much better you sleep!

Lead Us Not Into Acne Temptation

One of the hardest things to resist is picking at pimples or blackheads. You’ve heard the advice before and you’ll see it again here: Don’t do it! What happens when you pick at your spots is that you open up the sores for bacteria to creep in. Now, instead of having a mild, isolated incident, you’ll often find that you have a much worse case of acne to deal with. The best advice is to wash normally and let nature take care of the rest.

How About This Hair-Raising Treatment for Acne

Another great tip is to keep your hair out of your face. Make sure to avoid contact with your skin if you use any hair products. They just add more layers of gunk that block your pores. Keep your hair clean and if it is long, tie it in braids at night to keep it away from your face.

Beware – Some Products Actually Promote Acne

Be extra diligent when it comes to reading product labels. Avoid anything that contains petro-chemical ingredients or mineral oil as these will irritate your skin and exacerbate your acne condition. These types of products contain large molecules which quickly block pores. And that equals big-time trouble in the form of spots, pimples and acne, exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Another common product to be aware of is creams with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Again, due diligence cautions you to check the labels. Many of the sun protection formulas are known to cause blemishes. When you apply sun screen, especially a waterproof one, make sure you remove it before going into the water. Of course, remember to reapply it when you return to dry land. The reason you want to remove the sun screen is that the reduction in water temperature causes pores to tighten. In turn, this captures the heavy cream which blocks the passage of natural skin secretions.

Balance is Key for Acne

By drinking plenty of fresh water you can keep your skin hydrated, balanced and naturally moisturized. The over-production of sebum is known to cause acne. This won’t happen as long as you keep your skin well hydrated by drinking at least 6-8 (8 oz.) glasses of water each day.

Again, prevention is always the best cure. People with acne know this all too well – it is a debilitating condition that can seem impossible to cure. Unfortunately in many cases, it can leave permanent scars. That’s why your best plan of action is to do whatever you can to prevent acne from ever happening in the first place.

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