5 Tips to Sell Your House by the End of the Month

All I hear on the news today is how bad the property market is. Yes, it’s true that house prices have dropped, but with all the negative talk you’d think that marketing was dead! By this I mean that if you truly want to sell your house within a month, you can. Here are my top tips to sell your house as fast as possible.

5 Tips to Sell Your House in 2022

1. Advertise properly

There are literally thousands of bland, boring ads in the papers and all over the internet. Spruce them up a bit with some good photographs and targeted calls to action. Use phrases like “move your stuff in today” and “own this today”. Avoid acting desperate, and keep things exciting.

2. Turn your thumb green

By this I mean your garden. Nothing boosts the curb appeal of a property than having a beautiful front yard or garden. Cut the grass, plant some trees, install a cheap water feature, and generally neaten the place up. If done properly you’ll see a significant boost of pass-byers calling up.

3. Kitchen re-modelling

OK, so I don’t mean a complete re-furbishment. I’m talking about the smaller things like the dirty cupboards and dust build-up on top of the fridge. Also look at replacing light fittings and cupboard handles for a boost in perceived value. A good kitchen means a good house in many people’s minds.

4. Bathroom tweaking

The bathroom is probably the most important room in the house as far as boosting value. Beautiful light fittings, an air ventilator, some scented soups and candles, and a dirt-free environment are absolutely essential in this room. Again, be as unique as possible, and don’t be scared to be a bit eccentric in your decor.

5. Clear out clutter

Get rid of the book cabinet in the corner, move that extra desk, remove all those sofas! The airy and open living room is very much in fashion these days. I guess it’s because the world has become a much more stressful place, and people want to come home to a relaxed mood. Be as minimal as possible.

Should I Opt to Sell My Own Home?

Plenty of home owners in the current market are ditching their real estate agents to save on fees. In fact, I would definitely be looking to sell my own home if I was a desperate seller. Selling your house yourself can be a lot faster than through a realtor, especially with the right sales strategy. This article aims to help you make the most profit from your house in the quickest time period possible.

Killer House Value Boosters

It’s extremely important to put your house in “sales mode” when trying to sell fast. This doesn’t just mean cleaning and repairing. You need to think about what the buyers will look at. Some ideas include:

– Replacing all of you old fashion light fittings, door knobs, cupboard handles, windows, etc.. This won’t cost too much, and it’s a quick job. IKEA is full of cheap stuff that makes your house look a million bucks!

– Clean your place out of all the clutter. You need to go for an open and airy atmosphere, since this seems to be the current trend. Don’t over decorate anything, and keep your walls relatively minimal (i.e. not too many photos and artworks).

– The front yard is an excellent representation of how well the house has been looked after. A clean and tidy yard generally means a clean and tidy house. Water features add value, but avoid fountains that required electronics (i.e. avoid installing things that can break). Bird baths are nice.

Setting The Price

OK, so the most important starting point to selling any product or service is setting the right price for the current market. Property prices are currently very low, so you shouldn’t be looking to make any big profits here. Rather you should be realistic in your expectations. Set your price at around market value, and get third-party valuer in to give you a professional price range.

Advertising Properly

There is no point in launching a massive advertising campaign if your sales copy is poorly written. You need to focus on being original and creative, though it’s not a bad idea to get some inspiration from other ads in the paper. Focus on urgent calls to action like “this could be your house today”. It’s much more powerful to focus on the buyer than on yourself (i.e. “I need to sell my house today” is a terrible call to action).

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