Top 10 Job Interview Tips For Beginners For Success in India

Are you a beginner and looking for job interview tips? Then this is the right place, read this blog till end to know more some of the best job interview tips for beginners in India.

Interviews are an essential element of the recruitment process in organizations. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the company initiates an advertisement concerning the filling of the respective vacancy. Many apply for the job but a few a selected to attend interviews. An interview is not a guarantee for a job. This is where they screen further based on what you say and how you present yourself.

The fact that you were shortlisted to attend an interview is a clear sign that your portfolio was pleasing enough such that there are chances of you getting the job. Many miss it when they are then called for the interview. I have interviewed many people over my 13 year career as an entrepreneur and manager.

Many possess the right qualifications but they fail to present their information in a manner that leaves an indelible mark in the mind of the employer. The interview is the place where separation takes place. I realized mostly that some have never received coaching on how to carry themselves hence others always rise a notch or two higher and they end up snatching the jobs. The next time you are called for an interview, watch out for some of the issues in this article

List of The Top 10 Job Interview Tips For Beginners in 2021

1. Confidence, Composure

Look people in the eye. The moment you show interviewers that you are shy and nervous; you disqualify yourself from the race. Some interviewees are intimidated by the sizes of interview panel such that they lose all bearings in the interview.

If you cannot look at people direct in the eye then at least look slightly over the head or on the ears. Lack of confidence in the interviewee removes confidence the panel may have on the interviewee. Be steady and composed. Relax and avoid being so tense. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more clearer you can think and articulate issues being asked.

2. Clarity of Speech

Speak audibly, if you keep words to your chest then interviewers will keep asking the same question twice which works against you. I am not advocating that you speak like an angel but be as eloquent and fluent as can be. Your ability to think fast and communicate your thoughts has a direct bearing on whether you will be hired or not.

Use your hand gestures to emphasize a point. A smile helps you to speak better and it creates the impression that you are someone who is easy to work with. Avoid guessing your answers. Sometimes it is better to confidently mention that you may not have the right answer to a question than keep quiet or throw a wild guess.

3. Punctuality is Key

Do not come in late no matter what the excuse you may have. Don’t give the impression that this is who you are. To avoid getting lost you need to at least visit the place days before to see the exact location of the company. You will save yourself a lot of time and anxiety by doing so.

Anticipate traffic jams and any other issues that could delay you and arrive at the company at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Doing so will help you to relax and settle down. In your mind just focus on what you have ahead of you and tell yourself that you will get the job. You could ask to use the bathroom when you arrive.

4. Dress for the occasion

Be comfortable in your clothes. Get into clothes that fit you correctly and perfectly. Well groomed people have a greater composure and steadiness. If you have to borrow the outfits go ahead and do so. Every job has minimum dress requirements. When being interviewed for a mechanic’s job it will not be as stringent as Front Office Manager’s position where suits and ties may be compulsory. Clothes should compliment you. You should not over dress. A conservative professional look is adequate. Look modest.

5. Knowledge and Creativity

Do you have any idea what the responsibilities and expectations of the role you are being interviewed for are. That should be part of your research especially in cases where you do not have a lot of prior experience.

Questions to test your level of creativity are sometimes asked in some cases giving case studies or scenarios that happen in a real working environment. Its either you are creative or you are not. This article cannot teach you that. In your response to such questions, you must open your mind wide and think like there is no box. Do not confine yourself to the job description as answers may relate to you going an extra mile beyond the normal call of duty as is the case in real work environment.

Sometimes you may be tested on how much knowledge you have about the company. This means that prior to the interview you need to plan and research on the business you are about to join. What products do they do? What has the company been in the news for lately? Who is the Founder and what is the history of the company? All that is important to know. It shows you are interested in the business not just a title to earn you a salary

6. Attitude

This is one of the most vital quality that interviewers will be trying to get out of you. You may be asked about very absurd situations or case studies that test who you are. Your facial expression may actually change and your tone can shift when the “wrong buttons” are pressed in you. You temper may be tested.

Many lose it at this very point. Keep a positive attitude with a lot of optimism. What you do not know you are welcome to answer nicely that “I haven’t come across that term before BUT I am a fast learner, I can catch up really quick”. Show that you have a learning attitude not the “I know it all” stance. People who exaggerate their attitude coating it or covering up what they are not are easily picked out. You have to be someone who truly has a positive attitude and it is something you cannot rehearse just for the interview. It has to be a part of you.

7. Skills & Experience

What value are you bringing to the organization? What makes you feel they should get you over all the other participants who are being interviewed. Identify the skills and experiences that make you stand out and highlight those when needed. A question like “Why should we hire you over other participants?” is a common feature in most interviews. If you are multi-skilled you risk going on and on about skills and experiences that are of no link to the present position that you are being interviewed for.

8. Integrity & Consistency

Are you genuine? Is what’s on resume who you really are? Take note that it is fraudulent and illegal to be employed based on false information submission. The company will not hesitate to sue or dismiss you in the event that you are found to have been chosen based on false information.

I have noticed people getting confused over what they have written in the resume. This is because sometimes resumes are altered to suit a specific vacancy. That way the applicant has a responsibility to remember wherever those alterations are. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have to change information to suit an advertisement, you just have to have the right qualifications and experience for the job.

9. Mannerisms

Watch out for some of those mannerisms you may be so used to doing instinctively. Take time to study yourself or get a friend to give you guidelines into some of the things you may have become blind to. Such mannerisms may be in speech, where you speak in slang all the time not Business English.

Other mannerisms are the “umm, umm” or you could be starting sentence in the same manner. I remember a young man who would start his sentences with “Otherwise…”. Some mannerisms like digging into your own nose, hand gestures that you do instinctively can communicate that you are not a professional in your own right but someone raw who still needs grooming and etiquette training.

10. Remuneration package requested

There is nothing to feel bad about the value you put on yourself. Point of advice is that you need to carry out a salary survey on the internet, in local newspapers and see how much people with similar title and experience get. Check that against what you are getting now. Do not overshoot and at the same time undervaluing yourself does not earn you any marks. If you are good enough, the company will hire you even though you may be the one who asked more than everyone else.

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