Top 10 Home Remedies For Mild Acne You Can Try at Home

Acne Remedies Worth Your Attention

When seeking alternative acne treatments, it may be well worth your while to try some simple home remedies if you have a relatively mild case of acne.

It is always best to get the advice of a doctor or dermatologist in more severe acne cases. Even then, as long as you have the doctor’s go-ahead and there are no other contra-indications, you can supplement prescribed treatments with some of these acne home remedies. Again, make sure you check with your doctor first.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

While this might seem like a lot to many people, you should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz.) glasses of water a day. The main benefit of drinking lots of water and keeping the body hydrated is that it allows toxins to be flushed through all organs, including the skin which of course is the body’s largest organ. If you want your body to have the best chance of fighting acne and the associated infections, reducing toxins is the way to go as is lessens the burden on the immune system.

The Wonders of Echinacea for Acne

This plant is purported to boost the body’s immune system, giving it strength and increasing its ability to battle bacteria and eliminate toxins.

Sweet Manuka Honey Heals Acne

This honey, produced in New Zealand by bees collecting pollen from the manuka bush, claims to have anti-bacterial and healing properties. It will dissolve and expel layers of dead skin while acting to kill bacteria when used as a face mask or topical spot treatment.

Use Vitamin A with Caution for Acne

The basis of many acne prescription medicines is Vitamin A in the form of retinoids. Therefore it is not difficult to imagine why a supplement may assist in fighting acne. Care must be taken as Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. The excess is not excreted by the body and for this reason levels must be monitored precisely in order to avoid toxicity. This is definitely a topic to take up with your doctor.

Acne Care from A to Zinc

Having taken a look at Vitamin A, we now jump all the way to zinc. This antioxidant has been found to accelerate the process. It also has antimicrobial properties. As long as you don’t exceed the recommended daily allowances, it may be worth your while to take a zinc supplement in the form of zinc picolinate. Once again, this is something you should discuss with your doctor or dermatologist to see if this is right for you.

Soothing Skin Brushing for Acne

Another good thing you can do for yourself to release toxins from your body is to brush your skin lightly. Lightly brushing your dry skin acts as an exfoliant which allows toxins to be more effectively and efficiently excreted through the skin. Just be sure not to brush over areas more prone to acne – OUCH!) Following this procedure with a salt bath encourages the removal of toxins from body tissues. Along with the already mentioned water intake, you can provide tremendous support to your body’s natural defense mechanisms.

The Importance of Liver De-tox for Acne

The skin and the liver take up the job of eliminating toxins from your body. When the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, it has no choice but to release those poisons back into the body which then accumulate back into the skin. Milk thistle is a supplement that reduces the toxic burden on the skin and supports effective liver function.

Experiment with these few simple therapies to support your body’s natural healing abilities. Of course, a lot of your success with various acne treatments will depend on the severity of your condition. However, if used sensibly, these suggestions for acne home remedies can help improve the symptoms. Who knows, the may even help to alleviate the source of the problem.

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