Top 10 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit For Your Digestion

Kiwifruit, often called simply kiwi in many parts of the world, is one of the healthiest fruits available for human consumption. Kiwifruit health benefits include relieving asthma symptoms in children and helping to prevent colon cancer. But kiwifruit health benefits don’t stop there – there is much more to this wonderfully tasting little fruit than you might think, and chief among these are prebiotic digestive health benefits.

Kiwi fruit doesn’t grow on a tree like apples, cherries or oranges this small delicious little fruit grows on vines. It has a brown hairy skin, green flesh, a white pulp and black seeds making it a colorful fruit and well as healthy one. In fact, every part of the kiwi fruit is healthy for you, from the brown soft skin to those dark black seeds.

For starters, kiwifruit health benefits run the gambit from

  • containing lots of soluble fiber that can help to keep you regular
  • to high doses of vitamin C, A, and E
  • to Phenolic photonutrients to the skin, which is rich in enzymes and help in aiding digestion
  • to anti-oxidants that help to fight free radicals that cause everything from aging to cancer
  • even the seeds of this fruit contain Alfa-Linoleic Acid an essential omega-3 fatty acid

When you consider all the kiwifruit health benefits, it is not surprising that this simple fruit would be used to make some of the best prebiotic supplements on the market today.

A prebiotic supplement consists of non-digestible food that is necessary for the health of the good bacteria in your digestive system. This food is actually what helps the good bacteria to remain strong and to grow.

This is important because the good bacteria in your digestive system keeps the bad bacteria from taking over your digestive tract and causing a number of unpleasant health problems. Unfortunately, the good bacteria in your digestive system can become weakened due to the use of anti-biotics used to treat infections, poor eating habits, and even colon cleansers.

It use to be that people got their prebiotics through the food they ate, but most diets don’t consist of the high amounts of raw fruits and vegetables they once did. Therefore, it is often necessary to take a prebiotic supplement to give the good bacteria the food it needs to grow and remain healthy, so it can help to keep your digestive system healthy.

And this is where what may be the most significant of the kiwifruit’s health benefits come into play. Choosing a prebiotic supplement made of kiwifruit, not only gives your digestive system the prebiotics that good bacteria needs to stay healthy, but:

  • also does so by adding soluble fiber, which helps the body better absorb the nutrient from the food you eat
  • as well as adding enzymes, which helps the digestive system break down the food and extract the nutrients that help your immune system and the rest of your body stay healthier

What’s so great about using kiwifruit in a prebiotic supplement is that this gives you the benefit of the entire fruit, including the skin that most people don’t eat, but also contains most of the enzymes that help to digest your food and extract higher levels of nutrients in doing so. This in turn leads to a more balance digestive system which leads to better overall health.

So, as you can see Kiwi fruit health benefits are varied and important- and especially for giving you the best possible digestive health.

Kiwi fruit health benefits are important for your digestive health, and have been used in making an effective prebiotics digestive supplement.

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