Top 10 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

First we need to ask why bee pollen health benefits are becoming more widely known.

Today there is a growing movement of many people who are becoming more health conscious and who use natural remedies for treating their various health problems.

Natural foods are seen to be a healthy alternative to man-made medicines and processed foods.

It is fair to say that somewhere along the way most of us have lost sight of the benefits of natural products and their benefits, and embraced these man-made alternatives.

However, we are now learning that some of these man-made alternatives are not only harmful but that they can also aggravate health problems rather than cure them.

Why should we use bee pollen and what is it?

Bee pollen is an incredibly nutrient dense food used by bees to maintain their busy lifestyle, and for the development of the queen bees.

It is created by bees when the pollen sticks to the bee’s body and legs as they are collecting nectar from flowers.
This pollen is then mixed with some of the nectar and some digestive bee enzymes to make what is known as “bee pollen”.

Some of this can then collected by bee keepers as the bee enters the hive.

Bee pollen health benefits

Bee pollen health benefits have been known about for centuries and although there has been little scientific study so far there is much anecdotal evidence concerning these benefits.

Today there are many more scientific studies than in the past as the benefits of this pollen become more widely known.

It is often referred to as nature’s most complete food and offers treatment for a variety of ailments some of which include:

  • improving the immune system,
  • curing fatigue, lethargy and lack of energy,
  • skin problems including acne,
  • digestive issues
  • anemia,
  • asthma,
  • prostate problems.
  • weight issues,
  • fertility
  • and many more.

As you can see the bee pollen health benefits are considerable.

Choosing the right supplements

The pollen can come as granules (the raw state), capsules, tablets or pills.

Some people prefer the idea of using granules as it is bee pollen in its natural form. However, this can be difficult to take for many people, and it also difficult to get the maximum benefits.

Alternatively, other people prefer the convenience of a measured dose in the form of tablets, pills or capsules.

Finding a safe source

The bee pollen health benefits are many but results can vary depending on where the pollen is sourced.

Pollen is very vulnerable to pollution, and whilst bees will always search for the best pollen this can be impossible for the bees in many of the highly industrialized countries.

In addition, the way that the raw pollen is treated can make a lot of difference to the amount of nutrients available to you. For example, heat treatment which is not uncommon, destroys many of the nutrients.

It is therefore in the interests of your health, and pocket, to find a manufacturer who sources pollen from the few pristine areas of the world, and who also produces supplements to GMP pharmaceutical standards.

You can then be assured of obtaining the maximum bee pollen health benefits.

A recommendation

After much trial and error we source our supplements from a highly respected company in the environmentally clean country of New Zealand.

This company sources its pollen from a national park situated in an area of South Island where pesticides are banned and where there is no industry to pollute the air.

It is also GMP compliant which means that the supplements are of the purest quality, and they also have a 6 month guarantee.

There is nothing to lose here so if you feel that you would like some of bee pollen health benefits then this could be the place for you.

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