Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India – 2022 Edition

Looking for the best digital marketing agencies in India? Read through this article!

During this lockdown and pandemic, businesses and brands have relied majorly on digital marketing for furthering their business agenda. We have seen a lot of brands aggressively marketing their products and services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok, and even on Google. This is a major reason why many business owners are actively in search of the best digital marketing agencies in India. A recent statistic showed that the digital advertising industry has grown by 15.3% in 2020 to reach INR 15782 crores and is expected to grow more in 2021 due to this pandemic. So, if you are looking for reviews on digital marketing agencies, you are looking at the right article.

Our Top Picks

In this portion of the article, we have covered some of the most important and lucrative agencies from our list of digital marketing agencies in India. We have also distinguished them in terms of one of the requisite characteristics, which makes it stand out from the rest. From the categories of the best performance to the best agency to handle b2b work, we have identified the quality which makes it the best.

Best Overall – Growth Hackers Digital

Incorporated in Bangalore in 2017, Growth Hackers Digital is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency in India. With an experienced staff of marketing professionals, it specialises in assisting customers in overcoming growth-related challenges. The company’s day-to-day activities as a cutting-edge Performance Marketing & Advertising Agency include tackling issues faced by both new-age startups and large organisations. Countless organisations have profited from Growth Hackers’ services in organic growth, lead generation, content marketing, and improving CAC and ROAS during the last four years.

Best Performance Marketing Agency – iProspect

When it comes to performance in terms of delivering work, ideating, executing, reporting, as well as scaling the magnitude of work, no other agency has outdone themselves as iProspect. They are working with Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, AWS, etc. to optimize their content and work on smarter campaigns which leads to better conversions. They are also working on campaigns with the help of brands’ consumer data, which helps in perfecting campaigns and increases reach and delivery to the right target audience. 

Best Creative Agency – Web Chutney

When it comes to being a digital marketing agency in India, you have to be creative, and the same should reflect in your work. Web Chutney is one digital marketing agency, which has been consistent when it comes to creativity. They are working with brands like Flipkart, Swiggy, Tanishq, etc., and provide creative campaigns for their products and services. Their creative artwork and stories have always helped brands in progressively associating with their consumers, and this, in turn, helps in greater connection and conversions.

Best Budget – Growth Hackers Digital

Being a Google and Facebook partner company, Growth Hackers Digital is a fine digital marketing company, which does justice to the marketing budgets of any business. When it comes to investing in marketing, direct returns may not be measurable. However, with Growth Hackers Digital, the ROI is usually high, and this has helped them to become the best budget company when it comes to our top digital marketing companies in India 2021. 

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In India

In this section, we have ranked the best digital marketing agencies in India according to reviews from their clientele and have accordingly ranked them. You can also find out about how affordable these agencies are with respect to their services. The ranks may not be as per any standards or ranking agency.

RankCompany NameAffordabilityLink to the Website
1Web Chutney$$$$$Web Chutney
2Growth Hackers Digital$$$Growth Hackers Digital

The Complete Information On The Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India

In this section of the article, we will talk about the list of digital marketing agencies in India in a detailed manner. We will also cover some of the major aspects that come to mind when it comes to the selection of the digital marketing company, like the services, awards, clients it represents, etc. 

1. Web Chutney

It is one of the oldest digital marketing companies, which is headquartered in Bangalore and has its offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Being present in the industry since 1999, it has also grown to become the most creative agency with up to 200 employees. It is one of the most celebrated agencies, and its work with brands like Swiggy, Tanishq, Flipkart and Uber, etc. has earned them an entry into the top digital marketing companies in India 2021. 

Web Chutney was acquired by Dentsu as an approach to expand their operations in India, and they hit gold strides as the most creative advertising agency in India. In the recently concluded Cannes Lions 2021, they were the leaders from India and bagged many awards. Their advertisements speak of emotions and connect with the brands’ clientele quite easily. It helps them to create content that does not just raise awareness but also impacts customer engagement and drives conversions. With meaningful content and an emotional approach, they appeal to the masses and are instantly viral. 

  • Services: Their specialities lie in Advertising, Communications, Communications Design, Digital Marketing, Creative Technology, Strategy, Product Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Digital Media. 
  • Case Studies: You can check out their works like Celebrating Delivery Heroes with Flipkart, a Salute to our Doctors by Tanishq, The Better Half Recipes by Swiggy Instamart, etc. to understand that they are the best creative agency in India. 
  • Awards: They have won multiple awards like Digital and Social Media Mandate, Cannes Lions 2021, Campaign Agency of the Year, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with brands like Tanishq, Flipkart India, Swiggy India, Uber, ICC World Cup 2019, Ok Cupid, etc. 
  • Affordability: Being the most creative agency, they create campaigns with meaning and flavour and usually charge upwards of INR 15 lakhs when it comes to video creation and messaging. 

2. Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency in India. The company was incorporated in Bangalore in 2017. Even though the agency is relatively smaller in size, it specializes in helping its clients overcome growth-related difficulties with an experienced team of marketing professionals. As a cutting-edge Performance Marketing & Advertising Agency, the day-to-day activities of the company include tackling challenges that are faced by both the new-age startups and multinational corporations. Over the past 4 years, countless businesses have benefited from the services of Growth Hackers in organic growth, lead generation, content marketing, and improving CAC and ROAS. 

The company boasts of its well-structured process of thoroughly understanding the user and then developing the User Personas based on the available research, experience, and data. Only when the apt personas are created, the team starts designing dynamic campaigns on channels that focus on the target demographic while keeping the creatives at the forefront.

  • Services: They are into SEO, CRO, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, PPC, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Consulting, Digital Transformation, Digital Consulting, Organic Growth, Account Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, Inbound Marketing, Growth Marketing, and Mobile App Marketing.
  • Case Studies: You can read their case studies on Decathlon, Orobind, ICICI Bank, etc. to know more about their approach towards the above-mentioned services. 
  • Awards: They have been awarded in 2021 and 2020 as Digital Leader in India by Clutch, in 2019 as the Most Promising Digital Marketing Agency by Silicon India, etc. 
  • Clientele: Their clients include Decathlon, ICICI, Universal Robots, The New Indian Express, Cuemath, Avanse, Chalo, Goal Wise, Bare Anatomy, Hush, Vahan, Moonwalker, Taleb Group, Rang De, etc.
  • Affordability: Since they capitalize on growth for their brands, it is a premium and budget agency to deal with in terms of their services. You can associate with them at a lesser retainer, and it is usually upwards of INR 5 lakhs per month, depending on the project.  

3. iProspect 

iProspect is a London-based digital-first end-to-end media agency owned by Dentsu. The prospect team collaborates with a global network of over 8,000 media and performance experts in 93 markets. As far as the Indian arm of the company is concerned, iProspect is recognized as one of the top digital marketing companies in India in 2021. The company has four local offices in India in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. 

The company’s unrivalled expertise in fields like media strategy, storytelling, audience intelligence, as well as digital skills, gives them an added advantage in the new era of performance-driven brand building. Through a performance mindset, iProspect aims to deliver growth across the whole media spectrum, responding quickly to customer behaviour. iProspect is also known for building strong brands with their unique understanding of the convergence of culture, content, data, and technology. 

  • Services: They specialize in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, paid search advertising, online display advertising management, paid inclusion management, shopping feed management, global search engine marketing, Web analytics/attribution modelling centred, digital marketing, Business Intelligence, Activation marketing, and Strategy planning.
  • Case Studies: You should check out their work like Free to be a King by Budweiser, Brilliant Sound, Everywhere by Sonos, Under Armour’s approach to Amazon marketing, etc. to know the effectiveness of work.
  • Awards: They have won awards like IAMAI India Digital Awards, Global Digital Marketing Awards by the World Digital Marketing Congress, ad tech Digixx awards, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with the most iconic brands, including Sonos, Cox, LG, Hilton, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble, etc. 
  • Affordability: iProspect is considered the best performance marketing agency, and it usually charges a bomb to its clientele when it comes to campaigns and consulting. 

4. WatConsult

One of the consistent names in the list of best digital marketing agencies in India, WATConsult, is a hybrid digital agency with over 350 awards, 175 clients, 400 staff, and offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. This globally recognized Dentsu International company, WATConult, was founded in January 2007 and has worked with over 600 clients in India since then. As a result, WATConsult has guided various companies in their efforts to use digital media to promote their brands. 

WatConsult is known to be India’s most globally awarded Digital First Agency. With the exceptional growth in place, the company was acquired by Dentsu International in January 2015. Post-acquisition, WatConsult became the only Indian agency to be ranked among the Top 3 in the APAC region by Epica in the year 2018. In the same year, it was also recognized as Top 10 globally by MMA global smarties business impact index.

  • Services: They are into services like Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Online PR, Social media audit, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Development, SEO, SEM, Video, Programmatic Buying, and Media Planning.
  • Case Studies: You can look at the case studies of Nanhi Kali #PowerlessQueen, Vivo ViewTube, Tata Motors Harrier #LikeNoOther, etc.
  • Awards: They have won awards like Kyoorius, Unlocked Awards, Campaign Media360, Shortys’, Marketers’ Excellence, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with brands like Godrej India, DBS Bank, SunPharma, Vero Moda, Jockey India, GE Healthcare, etc. 
  • Affordability: They charge based on the projects they undertake as well as focus on overall marketing. In terms of retainer models, their consultancy charges are upwards of INR 10 lakhs.

5. Performics

Performics India is one of the top digital marketing companies in India in 2021. It was formed by the merger of two legacy brands in India, Convonix, and Resultrix, which were based out of Mumbai. Originally based out of Chicago, Performics is the largest performance marketing agency in India. It is jointly led by Pallav Jain and Sarfaraz Khimani, and their core team has more than 1000 digital experts, experienced and well versed with their work. 

It has helped Performics to land a diversified client portfolio across business verticals and leading market share in BFSI, Travel, and Media and Entertainment. When we talk about the young team, it comprises a healthy mix of MBA graduates and experienced team leaders in their respective fields. The portfolio mix between domestic and international clientele is 60:40, and the vast amount of domain experience has helped them to efficiently scale their plethora of solutions in the field of digital marketing. Performics India is associated with Performics Publicis media’s performance marketing brand globally with 3,500 digital experts spread across 60 countries. Performics was initially started by and acquired from Google. 

  • Services: Performics specializes in services like SEM, SEO, Performance Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Media Planning, Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimisation, Performance Content, Digital Sales, Audience Insights, RoI marketing, Data Science, and Web Analytics.
  • Case Studies: You can look at case studies like Axis Bank ASAP!, Republic World’s Breaking barriers with Breaking News, HDFC Bank Personal Loans, etc. to understand the depth of their services. 
  • Awards: They have won the India Excellence Awards, July 2021; Performance Marketing Mandate for CRED, etc. 
  • Clientele: They have worked with brands like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Airtel, Alt Balaji, Cadbury Deliveries, Marico, Republic World, etc. 
  • Affordability: The agency specializes in performance marketing and is one of the best agencies for conversions and digital mandate, etc. Depending on the campaign, they usually charge upwards of INR 15 lakh per campaign. 

6. Mirum

Mirum has to be one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, which is based out of Mumbai and has offices in Delhi and Bangalore. They operate globally across 25 countries with more than 46 offices and 2500 employees. Previously known as Social Wavelength, the rebranding helped them in setting up a Pan-India presence, cementing their work with more than 50 pan-India and global brands. They are also one of the leading Salesforce Gold Partners in India, and this designation has helped them to automate many marketing functions of various pan-India and global brands. 

Their approach towards marketing is more about innovation and technology, helping them to spearhead and lead the industry in the field of marketing and data sciences. Their campaigns are data-driven and bring in a lot of conversions. Hence, if you are looking for a company to expand your e-commerce venture and work on custom solutions to kickstart your online storefront, Mirum is the agency to approach, as they wholeheartedly help you with all your issues and queries. 

  • Services: Mirum is into Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Technology, and Creative Services, Media buying and planning, Social media management, and analytics. 
  • Case Studies: You can look at Marketing Automation at KFC India, Emojis by Pepsi India, Figaro Olive Oil – Tel Badlo Rishta Nahi, etc. to know more about their style of marketing and prowess at automation with Salesforce. 
  • Awards: They have won awards like Socialathon India, Digital Marketing Leadership Awards, Foxglove Awards, Marketing Innovations Awards, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with brands like KFC India, The Hindu Group, P&G India, Godrej India, The Times of India, Apollo Hospitals, Skechers India, etc. 
  • Affordability: Compared to other agencies, they are reasonable in their approach and charge according to the number of services you take. Their marketing automation is the best service and attracts most of their clients. 

7. BCWebwise

It is an innovative and highly professional digital marketing agency in India and was founded in 2000. With offices in Delhi and Mumbai and business correspondents in Chennai and Bangalore, they have a true pan-India presence. And this helps them to land clients from the entirety of India as well as diverse industries. It was founded by Chaaya Baradhwaaj, a progressive marketer and a leading professional in the field of creative marketing. She has curated a dynamic team of individuals who are experts in various fields of marketing.

Thus, this provides a holistic approach to their campaigns where they focus on all kinds of things in the campaigns, and this gives them an edge over other companies. They believe in creating memorable content for brands to engage with their customers, which in turn creates brand awareness, generates engagement, and leads to conversions. This approach has been crucial for all the brands they have partnered with, like Chuck E. Cheese, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, etc.

  • Services: BCWebwise offers services like Web Marketing: Strategy, Design, Management, Mobile Marketing: Strategy, Design, Management, Media: Social Media and Search Marketing, Media Buying and Planning and Branding: Strategy, Identity Design including Logo and related materials of branding.
  • Case Studies: You should check out #LowLightHeroes by Asus, Camlin Kokuyo Ramayana Rangoli, Asus Zenpad Stories, etc. to know more about their marketing. 
  • Awards: They have been recognized for their campaigns in various award functions like Abby Award 2019, 2018 DMA Asia Echo, Abby Award 2017, CMO Asia 2017, CEF 2016, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with business houses like Hero MotoCorp, Bharat Benz, Mahindra, Astral Pipes, Merlot, Axis Bank, PediaSure, Abbott, etc.
  • Affordability: Like other digital marketing agencies, they also are not keen on disclosing their prices. However, for an end-to-end consultancy, they easily charge upwards of INR 10 lakh per month as their retainer. 

8. Ethinos

Like all other major digital marketing companies, they are also based out of India and have their corporate offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi NCR. Founded in 2010, the company has grown vividly in the last 10 years and has partnered with the best of brands from a diverse range of industries. Their approach towards marketing stands out, and this is their USP. When they approach a client, they first try to understand the client and their needs and then create a marketing environment, which is usually centred around the brand. 

Based on the Key Performance Index of the business, they create a strategy that will be the most optimum solution to the problem and brainstorm campaigns around it. Although fads play an important role in digital marketing, their holistic approach towards campaigns helps them to land the best results. They also employ other data-driven techniques and data analytics tools, which makes their campaigns performance-driven and highly effective. This has earned them the tag of one of the best digital marketing agencies in India.

  • Services: They provide services like Digital Marketing and Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Monitoring, Branding and Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC), Mobile Marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services, and Pay Per Click – PPC Services. 
  • Case Studies: Their impressive and stellar case studies on Apollo 24*7, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Westside speak loads about their ability to capitalize on digital media for their brands.
  • Awards: They have won the Gold and Silver Awards at the DMAi Echo India Awards 2014, etc. 
  • Clientele: Ethinos is working with brands and businesses like Decathlon India, Apollo 24*7, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, Westside, Royal Sundaram, More Supermarkets, etc. 
  • Affordability: They are highly secretive when it comes to revealing their charges, but their prices are competitive, and their pitch is highly futuristic compared to other digital marketing agencies in India.

9. FoxyMoron

Established in 2008, they are an innovative digital marketing agency that embraces the future and takes inspiration from it. They have their offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon and have grown to feature in the list of digital marketing agencies in India. With a bold approach towards marketing and an established team of individuals, they have revolutionized the entire space of marketing. Their integrated marketing services, along with unique content creation and a new way of storytelling, have helped their brands to instantly connect with Generation Z and millennials on social networking platforms. With core values of Integrity, Creation, Endurance, Excellence, and Empathy, they deliver the best of work, and their campaigns have always been viral.

They take their work quite seriously, and their core team has helped build great relationships in the industry. That helps them retain their clients, and they have a very closed and exclusive approach towards working with new clientele.   

  • Services: They deal in Social Media management, content creation and collaboration, SEO, tech development, media services, data analytics, and omnichannel e-commerce management. 
  • Case Studies: #SemiPresentable – Celio, #DateTheWhopper by Burger King are some of the interesting case studies. You can also check out some other case studies on their website. 
  • Awards: They have won awards like Silver at IDMA Awards for Best Use of Topical Posts in a campaign, Gold at IAMAI Awards for Best use of YouTube, Digimarcom Leadership Awards, MMA Smarties 2020, etc. 
  • Clientele: They are working with brands like Burger King India, Kellogg’s India, Celio, Western Digital, Aditya Birla Capital, etc.
  • Affordability: This digital marketing company does not reveal their prices, and they work on a retainer depending on the services you are looking for them to offer. However, they are an expensive company. 

10. SchBang

It is a young digital marketing company based out of India with corporate offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. In the last 6 years, they have revolutionized the entire field of marketing with their interconnected and wide range of services. Due to their inclusivity in the field of marketing, they provide a one-stop solution to all kinds of digital marketing needs. With a team of talented and young professionals, they provide the best solutions to all kinds of marketing problems. It has helped them to become one of the best digital marketing agencies in India. With unique brands and campaigns under their portfolio with the likes of Fevicol, Asus India, Vivo India, Ashok Leyland, etc. they have left a long-lasting impression across various industries. 

Well-curated campaigns, innovative stories and designs, unique style of scripts, and relentless care from their team of talented individuals help them to provide a different perspective to all kinds of marketing. Their simplistic approach and minimalist content have also helped them land projects and brands across industries, and their versatile content team has done justice to the brands. If you are looking for affordable services under one roof, this is the agency with which you should associate your brand. 

  • Services: They have a plethora of services ranging from Social Media management, media planning, and buying, search engine optimization, UI/UX designing and development, brand building, video production, PR and influencer marketing and management, technology development, etc. 
  • Case Studies: If you want more insights into their work, you can always check out some of the illustrious case studies like GYMJNS by Spykar, #swiperightwithuno, GoodKnight: #lovetheoutdoors, etc. You can also check their website for more of such innovative case studies.
  • Awards: SchBang won 4 Gold and 2 Silver awards at the recently concluded Mommy Awards for their stellar work on Fevicol, Amazon Prime Video, and Budweiser. It won Silver Awards for the two main categories – ‘best brand on social media, and ‘best post on social media’ and Gold for both the ‘best moment marketing post‘ and the ‘best social media post which was not taken live‘.
  • Clientele: They are working with brands like Fevicol, Spykar Jeans, Ashok Leyland, M.A.C cosmetics, Swiggy, Amazon Prime Video, etc.  
  • Affordability: They are highly confident about their charges, and it usually depends on the number of services you are taking from the agency. However, none of the services would be lower than INR 500,000 per month, depending on the project. 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

The term “digital marketing” refers to any marketing strategy that uses electronic devices or the internet. To engage with present and potential customers, companies use digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites. Customers depend largely on digital technologies to conduct product research. 

There are different types of digital marketing, such as SEO marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. The process of preparing your website to “rank” higher in search engine results pages, ultimately raising the volume of organic (or free) traffic it receives, is known as SEO marketing. Websites, blogs, and infographics are among the channels that profit from SEO. The creation and promotion of content materials to increase brand exposure, traffic growth, lead generation, and customer acquisition are known as content marketing. Blog Posts, eBooks and white papers, infographics, and other media can all contribute to your content marketing plan.

The concept of social media marketing involves promoting your brand and content on social media platforms to increase brand recognition, drive more traffic, and generate leads for your company. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the social media marketing platforms you can use. Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on reaching, engaging, and satisfying customers throughout the buying process. Here are some typical inbound marketing examples: Email contact lists, Blogging, and Video marketing.

Marketers must delve deep into today’s broad and complex cross-channel world to identify methods that create an effect through engagement marketing to realise the true potential of digital marketing. You may raise brand awareness, identify yourself as a market thought leader, and position your organisation at the top of the customer’s mind by engaging with customers in a digital world.

Types Of Digital Marketing Agencies 

Most digital marketing agencies will boost your company’s visibility on the various marketing channels available to internet enterprises, but each one is unique. Furthermore, several marketing organisations will provide a variety of services, including (but not limited to): Content, SEO, managing social media, media that is up for auction, and marketing via email. Full-service, single-channel, and multi-channel digital marketing agencies are the three main types that are considered the best digital marketing agencies in India as well as the world.

1. The Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency 

Artists, developers, creators, analysts, and technical experts- all work under one roof at this agency. They can take care of anything from building a website to keeping your marketing channels up to date. These firms are also much larger, and you might be attracted to the all-inclusive plan that a full-service digital marketing firm can provide. It may sound like a good idea, but if you don’t do your homework, it could backfire badly. If the price appears to be too good to be true, it could be a red flag. It usually signifies that either the design or the digital marketing is undermined and that one is more of an “add-on service” than a service given by devoted experts in that field. They could, for instance, be a design company that offers digital marketing as an add-on service after the website creation is completed. It is not their area of expertise, as they specialise in website design, and you may not obtain the results you desire

2. The Single-Channel Marketing Agency 

A single-channel agency enables you to work with a group of experts who specialise in one area and can help you gain visibility on a specific channel. These digital marketing agencies are generally quite good at what they do since they adhere to what they know and just concentrate on it. A single channel agency could be ideal if you currently work with another agency or have a skilled in-house marketing team that needs a little extra help. It’s ideal for businesses with limited resources that prefer to work on a project basis.

3. The Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Agency 

Strategy is at the heart of any multi-channel digital marketing agency. These firms specialise in a variety of channels, but they will have experts in each one. It helps in increasing awareness in the appropriate channels and smartly integrating them to achieve overall digital success. Multi-channel firms invest effort, expertise, and experience in their campaigns, ensuring that they are of high quality. They also understand how these channels interact to form a holistic strategy that enables companies to be in the right place at the right time, in front of the appropriate audience in the digital marketplace. 

Webchutney, Pinstorm, WatConsult, Intellemo, Gozoop, and EveryMedia are some of the best digital marketing agencies in India. Oxedent is one the top digital marketing companies in India 2021, according to The Manifest.

Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Are you debating whether or not to hire a digital marketing agency? Here are a few great reasons to go ahead and do it, and these are also what makes the best digital marketing agencies in India: 

1. It can assist you in growing your company online 

If the pandemic has taught entrepreneurs anything, it’s that businesses that don’t go digital risk floundering or becoming obsolete. However, if your company has been primarily offline up to this point, establishing a digital presence will necessitate a significant upfront time investment. You may be required to create and launch a website, start to run social media ads, send out newsletters to your subscribers, etc. A digital marketing agency can take care of all of the tedious tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best.

2. More customers will be brought to you  

You just have to pay for the ad space when you do pay-per-click advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Google, or Instagram on your own. However, when you hire a digital marketing agency, you’re also paying them to improve the design of your ads and increase the number of people who see them.

3. Your in-house marketing team will grow 

You may already have an existing marketing team, but hiring a digital marketing agency is like significantly expanding it. You’re not going to employ your own social media professional, paid advertising specialist, or SEO specialist, especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business, not that’s sustainable. Hiring an agency, on the other hand, puts all of those employees on your team.

4. Advanced tools provide you with advanced information 

There are some really interesting tools out there that may help digital marketers learn a lot about their clients, their search visibility, and their total web performance. Digital agencies generally have their own funding for these essential tools and will be able to provide you with insights without you having to pay for their use. These tools have the potential to make or ruin your ability to market successfully.

How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency?

Getting to the conclusion that your business needs to work with a digital marketing agency in India is simple. But choosing the ideal digital marketing agency that fits your needs is the difficult part. In today’s society, anyone with access to the internet can set up a website and begin offering services as a business owner. The entry requirements are minimal to non-existent. This is why finding the appropriate digital marketing agency in India is so difficult. A lot of it depends on who you are and what you do, and also your own preferences. As a result, the first step will be to recognise that you have a marketing problem that requires the help of a digital marketing agency. 

Determine the specific requirements of your company 

Before you start looking for your new agency, you should first examine your own requirements. Determine what you want to achieve with your digital activities and the role your digital agency will play in assisting you in achieving your objectives. There could be a variety of reasons why you need assistance with your digital marketing, but you should be able to pinpoint a specific area that needs to be addressed. 

You now have a clear understanding of your objectives and intended outcomes. So now it’s time to discuss what makes strong digital marketing agencies great. So, as you’re considering who you want to work with, keep an eye out for these features. They’ll assist you in separating top-tier service providers from those who claim to be the greatest but can’t prove it.

1. A tangible portfolio and/or client list 

Skilled digital marketing agencies take pride in the people they deal with and the work they do. Moreover, they frequently publicise their partnerships for all to see. However, other services, such as content marketing and SEO, are difficult to display. As a result, agencies specialising in particular fields may be unable to display their work in a portfolio. A client list, on the other hand, is a good indicator of their expertise.

2. Qualified and expert team members 

Irrespective of the services you require, you must ensure that the agency you pick has the appropriate team members for the job. For example, you wouldn’t hire someone to create a brand logo if they didn’t have a graphic designer. Look at their about section to see whether they have a record of their team members. If it doesn’t work, LinkedIn is a good place to start.

3. A solid market reputation and social proof 

Social proof, such as testimonials and former client reviews, can provide you with useful information about what it’s like to deal with that agency.

4. See if the company culture and key beliefs are similar to yours

Consider revisiting your company’s core beliefs and culture, as working with an agency that shares your values and operates in a similar atmosphere is critical. It’s just as vital to choose an agency with the correct values and culture as it is to examine the quality of its services. 

5. Don’t make outrageous claims 

The type of results that an agency offers on their website is a good indicator of how well they know the market. Remember that promises that seem extravagant or unachievable are a major red flag. Stick with digital marketing agencies that provide openness and deliver on their promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do digital marketing agencies charge in India?

Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses a variety of services such as SEO, social media optimization, and pay-per-click advertising, to mention a few. PPC packages start at 7.5k, and web designing and development packages range from 16k to 62k. SEO packages start at 9k, excluding service fees, and can go up to 45k to 50k, and web designing and development packages range from 16k to 62k. The best digital marketing agencies in India have these packages.

2. What does a digital marketing agency do?

Because of their knowledge and skills in digital marketing, businesses use digital marketing agencies. Agencies are up to date on the most recent trends, best practices, and best tools and techniques for digital marketing effectiveness. Digital marketing agencies help you increase inbound traffic to your website, create sales-ready leads, broaden your company’s reach, and enhance your marketing strategy from top to bottom. These pointers are what the best digital marketing agencies in India comprise.

3. How do we hire a digital marketing agency?

As your company expands and you want to scale it, you’ll have to assemble a team of talented digital marketers with specialized knowledge to assist you. As you expand your staff, aim for acquisition, content, and monetization abilities. Invest in your company’s culture to recruit smart marketers who are driven by something other than a salary. You can construct an all-star marketing team that will stand their ground and evolve with your business with the correct cultural fit and a great onboarding approach.

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