5 Best Free Antiviruses for Android Mobile Devices for 2021

Recently we shared an article that why you should have an antivirus in your Android phone? and Now in this article we are going to share a list of best antivirus for your Android phones in 2021.

We all are much possessive about the security of our desktops and laptops and this is a reason that we make a point to choose the best antiviruses protection for our gadgets.

Smartphone and android devices equally needs the similar care and protection from viruses and hackers, therefore you must ensure to have best antivirus uploaded in your handset.

It protects your phone from severe damages caused by antivirus and also helps you saving your precious data from hackers. This article will focus on the top 5 antiviruses for Android devices.

Now let’s have a look on the best antiviruses for your android phone.

1. AVG Antivirus:

In the list of antiviruses for Android Devices, AVG Antivirus is on the tops. It is not a lie that with every passing month, we are witnessing some new and sophisticated android handset. AVG antivirus for Android works incredibly with smartphones.

It has been recommended by several users and is upgraded with effective Mobile antivirus program. It comes up with many exciting features such as Anti-theft, Stresses in performance and speed, privacy features and much more.

2. Kasperky Mobile Security:

Kaspersky is not a new name when it comes to best antivirus protection for Android phones. Kasperky mobile security protects your phone from several threats such as Virus, adware, malware, spam and other malicious elements.

3. McAfee Antivirus:

McAfee is also a reputed name in the category of best antivirus. Undoubtedly this is one of the award-winning brand, and powerful to detect and wash all harmful antivirus. What makes this antivirus out of the box is that it scans your entire phone, whenever it encounters with any harmful elements.

McAfee says that this mobile antivirus scans everything such as attachment, memory cards, applications, internet downloads, and text messages and removes all malicious elements.

4. Avast Mobile security:

It is the best antivirus one could ever choose from. It features SMS history wipe, automatic phone lock, siren alert and GPS tracking. The best part of this anti-virus program is that it works in get recovered your lost phone by tracking web portal and SMS commands. Beside it keeps flashing security status all the time, blocks everything which malicious or harmful.

5. Lookout Mobile Security:

You simply cannot resist to Lookout Mobile security program. It is designed with many great features such as phone-locator feature. It helps in protecting all the malicious apps, spyware and various other potential malware.

Lookout mobile security works for both android and ios devices. The other features incorporated in this mobile security is phishing and malicious website blocker, advisor, photo and call history backup, device to device data transfer, remote locking and whipping and various other supporting services.

Everybody needs the best security for their smart phone and to make your android safe and secure, you can use antivirus program listed above from the Google play store. However, it is always safer to create a suitable backup of data, before you download anything.

Downloading or installing antiviruses will protect your phone from viruses, and will increase the life line of your android device. You can also keep application updated to enhance the performance of your device.

If you wish to add any other Android antivirus in this list of antiviruses for Android Devices than share it with us via leaving a comment.

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