Work From Home Jobs – What You Can Expect to Find

Take heart. There are many legitimate positions and work at home jobs available to you that any number of them could be a perfect match. While you need to be cautious of scams, sites that offer jobs that pay well, and give you financial security, are more common than you think.

Work from home employment comes in many forms: data entry, medical transcription, telemarketing, writing, editing, proofreading; there are literally hundreds of fields available for genuinely qualified persons. What you need to figure out first is what job are you best suited for? You must understand legitimate employers don’t want just anybody. They want people who can do the jobs well with as little training as possible, fast and efficiently.

Naturally, if you’re looking for work at home jobs that require data entry, the company or individual will be looking for an applicant who can type well and has access to a computer on a regular basis. No company of worth is going to hire a high school dropout without any experience typing for entering their data, no matter how desperate they are. If you’re looking for easy money, you won’t find it in a legitimate company.

Sites looking for clerical or administrative jobs can be found at, which specializes in transcription. needs court typists. Another fine place to look for data entry work is Bear in mind that if you have absolutely no experience typing, these jobs are not for you. They expect quick, efficient typists who can do the job with minimal training.

On the topic of training; companies look to do as little training as possible. They want you to hit the ground running. While it may be possible to get the training you’ll need, applicants who require no training WILL get the job before you. One way to prepare is to find a document and practice typing it out. Time yourself then try to beat that time. After a while, it becomes second nature, and the probability of finding data entry or typing work will be much easier. Efficiency and proficiency in your field will keep you working.

Another profitable way to make money is by writing, editing, and proofreading. This is an ideal work from home job for English majors just getting out of school. Writer’s Weekly and often advertise work at home jobs that pay well for per diem work.

The most profitable way to make money working from home is as a medical transcriber. Whenever you go to a doctor’s office, the doctor often doesn’t write anything down. Instead, he or she will leave the room and find a tape recorder to record their findings and diagnosis. Your job is to transcribe the information. The recordings are generally sent in an MP3 format via email. However, these jobs require a minimum of one year experience in a medical office and formal training in the field.

The possibilities are endless. With the right approach and readiness to work, you’ll find many possibilities that will suit you.

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