Hosting Plans With Money Back Guarantees

As the competition heats up to get more customers for their hosting service, more and more companies are offering money back with your hosting purchase.

The Types Of Guarantees

There are basically two types of money back guarantees: the first is a 30-day no questions asked, and the second is one based on certain stipulations that must be fulfilled.

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back

A lot of hosts now offer this type of guarantee. As a matter of fact, the availability of this type is a good way to determine whether a host is a good one or not. If you research carefully, you will find out that most if not all of the top15 or top 20 hosting companies do offer it.

Certainly all of the top 10 web hosting companies have this guarantee for all their hosting plans. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your hosting plan, you can request a refund within the 30-day period, and most will refund all your money immediately with no questions asked.

My advice is to always look for this type of guarantee when purchasing any hosting. It’s a way for the host to display confidence to you that they are indeed sure you will be satisfied with the hosting plan you buy from them, as well as be satisfied with their customer service.

Money Back Guarantee Depending On Certain Requirements

Other hosting companies will offer a money back guarantee that is tied up with a lot of requirements. Usually this type of guarantee is offered by less reputable companies that are not at all confident in their own services. They may attach a lot of strict requirements that you have to fulfill before they will refund your money.

Even when you think you have satisfied all their requirements to get a refund, they may either delay, hoping that you will be discouraged and quit, or they may refund you only a partial amount, usually less than 50% of what you paid, claiming that the other money they are keeping all went to services they have already given you. Be on the look out for such companies.

If you find what you think is a good hosting deal, especially from companies that are not in the top 10 or 20, then call them first before committing to buy, and ask them to explain their money back guarantee. Make sure you ask them to put it in writing in an email.

That way if you ever have to hassle with them for a refund, you can always present the email to your credit card company or PayPal, or whichever financial company you used to make the purchase, as proof of what they promised.

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