How to Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless keyboard and mouse is a great way to make your desk look neat by getting rid of any additional wires. If you’ve never worked with wireless accessories before, setting up a wireless keyboard and mouse might seem a little complicated.

Do not forget that some wireless mice use Bluetooth and others use USB receivers. Here In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a wireless keyboard and mouse without having difficulties.

Here are 5 quick and easy steps to install a wireless keyboard and mouse

Method 1: Connecting Via Bluetooth

1. Insert batteries into your mouse.

Turn your mouse over, locate the battery cover, and remove it. Insert the appropriate batteries—usually two.

2. Enable Bluetooth.

In your Bluetooth control panel, make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and that your device is discoverable. The status LED on the mouse will blink when it’s discoverable.

3. Discover the mouse.

Change your Bluetooth setup control panel to discovery mode. It will search for available Bluetooth signals, and then notify you when your mouse has been found.

*Follow the on-screen steps to finalize your setup procedure once the mouse has been discovered.

4. Adjust mouse settings.

Use the control panel that came with your wireless mouse to adjust the settings so that the mouse performs as you wish.

Method 2: Connecting Via USB Port.

Find USB Port on Computer.

The wireless receiver is what sends the keyboard and mouse signal from the computer itself. Since it’s small and easy to lose, it’s likely a good idea to go ahead and install it as soon as you take it out of the box. To install it, simply find any available usb port on your computer and plug it in.

Insert Batteries in Mouse and Keyboard.

Since both Mouse and Keyboard are wireless, they don’t receive power from the computer and therefore run on battery power. You should insert the batteries into both the mouse and the keyboard. Some mouse and keyboard sets come with batteries already pre-installed. But, make sure you properly before leaving the store to insure that you have the batteries you need.

With the batteries installed, you can now move the mouse and keyboard into place in front of your computer. Once you have everything set up the way you like it, push the connect button located on the bottom of both your mouse and keyboard.

Troubleshoot Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Your mouse and keyboard should now be working perfectly. If it’s not working as expected, double check to ensure the batteries are properly placed and that they are both turned on. If they weren’t, you may need to re-press the connect button.

Note: Make sure you save your work before unplugging your old mouse. You won’t be able to save it if your mouse port stops working for any reason. And if you are on XP or Vista, turn on Mouse Keys before unplugging your current mouse.

Hope this worked for you? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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