Finding the Right Job – Working From Home

So, you desperately want to work from home. With family obligations, these days a home based job is ideal. But, how can you find a job that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg (and your first born), that is legitimate well paying work; not just stuffing envelopes or viewing websites?

The key is having a good eye, and the key to finding work anywhere: persistence, persistence, persistence! With many work at home jobs available, how can you separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff? Before getting into avoiding scams, etc., we need to start with the basics: how can you find the job?

There are many job-finding websites where the jobs are listed with descriptions of the work and the requirements needed. Before you even begin, you’ll need to realize that these days you cannot-repeat: CANNOT-find good, satisfying work without a high school education or GED. And if you believe you can lie and claim you graduated, when, in fact, you never finished high school your job performance will prove to your employer that you weren’t honest with them. The fact is, any employer worth working for will require it, and they will check.

If any job requires money up front, it isn’t legitimate. Period. When doing your search for jobs, look for repeated words or phrases like “easy money” or “make money working from home.” While they may seem harmless, it’s a sure fire way to know if you’re about to be had.

A very important part of finding a job online is to use the right keywords in your search. Try to avoid using keywords like “work at home.” A few good keywords to use are “virtual work,” “remote work,” or “flexible work” or “home office.” Variations of these keywords are also good tactics.

When you get the results, use the left side of the screen; the right side are advertisements selling work. Check the websites for the telltale signs of legitimacy and scams: repeated words and money up front. Research is just as vital to finding real work as the finding the job itself. If the site has scam alerts, daily site updates, and email notifications of available jobs, there’s a good chance it’s legitimate. And remember: free jobs that require no payment are usually legit.

The best and highest paying job, which will be discussed at length in a later article, is medical transcription. However, if you think you’ll get the job simply by applying for it, you’re in for a rude awakening. Being a medical transcriber requires experience and education in the medical field. While a college degree is seldom required, as with most jobs that offer honest work and good pay, this one will require at least a high school education or GED.

Persistence is the key to finding any good work, let alone finding work at home jobs. So keep at it, do the right preliminary work, and you’ll find yourself having an actual career doing something both satisfying, and lucrative.

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