Beware the Work From Home Scammers

Online scams are nothing new. For as long as the internet has been around, people have been cashing in on people’s gullibility and ignorance. When some people get an email with the words “fast cash!” in the subject heading, it goes right to the trash. Others, however, see it as a business proposal. Everyone wants something for nothing; both scammers and the victims. So, how can you keep yourself safe when trying to find work at home jobs? One word: knowledge.

The very first thing to look for when trying to tell a scam from a legitimate enterprise is how often words are repeated. Seeing phrases like “earn fast cash” or “big money”, and the big one, “work from home”, should get the old red lights flashing. Why? Because if the only real benefit for working for them is that you can work from home, it’s not really worth it, is it?

Think about it this way. If I came to you and asked you to loan me some money, and when you asked what it was for I kept repeating, “I need it,” you’d be skeptical. Naturally, if you’re going to let me have some of your hard-earned money, I better have a good reason for borrowing it other than just stating that I need it.

So, when a company has to tell you over and over again that you can work from home, like it’s the only thing you’re looking for, then something is definitely wrong. What can you do? Google the company’s name and use the keyword “scam” or “scams” along with it, then see what comes up.

It’s smart to note that you usually shouldn’t use the links listed on the right side of the screen. Typically they’re just advertisers trying to make a quick buck, and are a lot like that childhood friend who wouldn’t go away. Just ignore them as if they’re not even there.

Another way to know a business is a scam is if you have to pay money to work for them. You wouldn’t pay Wendy’s extra to cook hamburgers; you’d expect them to pay you for cooking it. Why would you pay some company for the privilege of working for them? This is a job, not a present. You’re offering your services to them and you should be getting paid for it. If a job wants money before you can start working, IT IS A SCAM! There isn’t a legitimate job anywhere in the world that requires money from it’s applicants to qualify for employment. Ever.

You’ll need to have a certain amount of common sense to find good jobs where you can work at home. Keep your eyes open and ask yourself if the offer seems a little off, a bit not right. If you have ANY misgivings about working for a company you find online, do as much research as you can. Search engines are a fantastic way to do this. Just make sure you use more than one engine. By doing this you allow yourself a variety of different perspectives. But when you finally get that job, the relief, and pleasure, you’ll feel will make it all worthwhile.

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