Best Free Android Dictionary Apps India 2021

Looking for best android dictionary apps for English in India, then this is the one stop solution for your research. Find the top offline dictionary apps for your need.

Writing this article got me caught up in a nostalgic feeling that led me to those days of childhood where I was asked to memorize over 50 words daily from the Dictionary and was expected to know their meanings.

Little did I know that a time would come when world would carry one in their phones! I don’t think you got my point. True it is now to carry a dictionary in your Android phone thanks to the android based Dictionary apps.

Here is a list of top 5 Android Dictionary apps:


In the list of top 5 android dictionary apps, Free is at the first place. It is one of the most basic and free of cost dictionary based app on android that provides you with perfect and free English meanings of a words along with synonyms, antonyms and spellings. With great features like self correction, Wikipedia collaboration and even Google images this app is a hit in the world of android for word learners.

2. Dictionary WordWeb:

Another great app in the list of android dictionary app is Dictionary WorldWeb which consists of over 300,000 words to search from and the feature of this dictionary app being that it not only supports American English but also Asian, Canada and British English and it give meanings, examples and related words or synonyms for the same. The updated version contains audio version of this app.

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3. Offline Dictionary App:

One of the basic drawbacks of these apps was that they worked only when in a network and when they are online. To eliminate this drawback the most efficient app working even offline is the Offline Dictionary app supporting more than 172,000 words to help you understand a word’s meaning on just a click.

4. Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Another free and very successful app used in America. One of the first to use voice search option, so that you don’t have to bother about spelling mistakes. What more, get to know the sentence formation related to the respected word along with its meaning, antonym and synonyms.


And last but not the least is one of the trusted application for an android device. Rated as the best dictionary application it holds great features such as audio recognition of words and helping in pronunciation in turn. It also consists a thesaurus for over 376,000 words and 305,000 antonyms and synonyms with phonetic and spelling correction.

And as a result of the daily usage of words and finding correction that has now become a habit of many of us you now know which application on your android interface to flip through in such a case. Though a bit tedious but things aren’t thought when we’re a kid and asked to memorize these piles of words from the bulky looking dictionary.

So, now if you think I missed any app in this list of android dictionary apps then you can share it via leaving a comment below.

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